Reunion pics!

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The first photos are from the 1st OHS all year alumni reunion (06-06-06) and the second batch are from the OHS alumni end of summer cook out (26-08-06).

Alumni who attended the reunion pic 1

Bill Bradly, Jennifer Francis,Joanne Bulls, Keith Ashley

Kelly Jacobs class of 91

Jenni Bachman class of 96

Keith Ashley, Tina Glasneck,Ariele F, Kelly Jacobs,Jenni Bachman

Keith Ashley(96) & Jennifer Francis(95)

Joanne Bulls class of 95

Kimbery Gray, Greg & Adriene Ownby, Kelly Jacobs

Latrese Davis, Jennifer Francis,Bill Bradly,Jenni Bachman,Ariele,Adrienne Ownsby

Kelly Jacobs (91) Kimberly Gray (88)

Tina Glasneck Bill Bradly Jennifer Francis

Bill Bradly Ariele FAdrienne & Greg Ownby

all the alumni pic 2

Grace Robinson class of 96

Tina Glasneck (96) Keith Ashley(96), the brains behind the operation!

Kasey Dolin class of 97

David Herring class of 95

Tina & Christian Glasneck

Jason Klyvert class of 97

leaving our mark for the future (and for the hall lol)

Allan Coleman, Stephen McCauley,Donnell Charlton, & Jason Klyvert (all class 97)

Stephen McCauley (class of 97)

Steve and Jason conversing about their old yearbook pics!

Kim Cousins (class of 97) & Grace Robinson (class of 96)

Keepin it real like back in the day (yet 10 years later!)